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Students sitting at graduation

featured graduates

where can a mount education take you? anywhere! 

the class of 2020 includes business analysts and accountants; teachers; ph.d., m.a. and law school candidates at top universities; clinical technicians; officers in the u.s. army and more. meet our students and see where their mount education is taking them.


veronica balick, c'20

hometown: west friendship, maryland
majors: biochemistry and biology

where the mount is taking veronica

fulbright grant to study for an m.a. in cancer immunology and biotechnology at the university of nottingham, united kingdom

“i was able to intern in a cancer research laboratory at st. jude children’s research hospital the summer after my sophomore year. this was an amazing experience and helped prepare me for future research at the mount and for graduate school.”

Reid Clingerman

reid clingerman, c'20

hometown: thurmont, maryland
major: accounting

where the mount is taking reid

u.s. army officer

“the mount has equipped me for the army by developing me into a moral and ethical leader who will lead the women and men of our great nation.”

Susanna Goergen

susanna goergen, c'20

hometown: haymarket, virginia
major: political science

where the mount is taking susanna

catholic university of america, columbus school of law

“staff and professors at the mount have been really encouraging. the core curriculum allowed me to take courses in disciplines i would not have considered otherwise.”

Kiara Laurenzano

kiara laurenzano, c'20

hometown: bethesda, maryland
major: health science

where the mount is taking kiara

marymount accelerated nursing program

“the mount has taught me that service is very important to live a happy life. i want to help people with my passion and skills.”

Sam MacDonald

sam macdonald, c'20

hometown: bethlehem, pennsylvania
major: business-finance

where the mount is taking sam

wegmans management trainee

“i wanted to attend a school where i had the opportunity to receive a great education and make meaningful connections. my experience at the mount exceeded these expectations.”

Carly Miller

carly miller, c'20

hometown: marriottsville, maryland
major: health sciences

where the mount is taking carly

university of maryland school of dentistry’s b.s./m.s. dual degree clinical dental hygiene leader program

“i love the small school environment and the community feel the mount offers. my dad went to the mount and was part of the basketball and track teams. my mom also coached women’s lacrosse at the mount.”

Shaun Miller

shaun miller, c'20

hometown: baltimore, maryland
major: psychology

where the mount is taking shaun

infantry second lieutenant, u.s. army

“i want to become an army psychologist and studying psychology in undergrad got me started on that path.”

Kelley Northam

kelley northam, c'20

hometown: dagsboro, delaware
majors: communication and history

where the mount is taking kelley

pursuing m.a. in professional writing at carnegie mellon university

“i studied in salzburg, austria, and developed and wrote for the msmu travel blog. being immersed in the wonders of a different culture and being able to reflect and communicate austrian culture through writing solidified my desire to pursue a master’s degree in writing.”

Gemma O’Keefe

gemma o’keefe, c'20

hometown: sykesville, maryland
major: psychology

where the mount is taking gemma

pursuing m.a. in school counseling at old dominion university

“my most meaningful experience was senior poster presentation day. it was so special to have the opportunity to present my research to the professors and students. i was so proud of all the work i put into my project and to complete my psychology degree!”

Bailey Raymond

bailey raymond, c'20

hometown: moorestown, new jersey
majors: health science and italian

where the mount is taking bailey

seton teaching fellow with seton education partners and brilla public charter schools

“i have always been interested in how the brain and body are connected. i liked how the health sciences major was interdisciplinary and allowed me to see how my biology and psychology courses related to one another.”

Samuel Shinn

samuel shinn, c'20

hometown: clarksboro, new jersey
major: accounting

where the mount is taking samuel

business analyst at northrop grumman

“the mount gave me the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually and professionally. from my first visit to campus, i could tell the mount was a special community of students striving for excellence.”

Madeline Smith

madeline smith, c'20

hometown: stephenson, virginia
major: criminal justice

where the mount is taking madeline

focus missionary

“i didn’t choose the mount…the mount chose me. i truly believe the mount has formed me in ways that no other school could have. i have developed solid friendships, grown in my faith and learned a great deal about who i am through internships, mission trips and studying abroad.”

Fabiola Solorzano

fabiola solorzano, c'20

hometown: lutherville-timonium, maryland
major: elementary education

where the mount is taking fabiola

teacher, montgomery county (md) public schools

“when i did the mount's overnight experience my senior year of high school, i felt like i was at home. the small class sizes allowed me to develop one-on-one relationships with my professors. also, the mount has so many ways to get involved on campus.”

Sydni Surowiec

sydni surowiec, c'20

hometown: south plainfield, new jersey
major: health sciences, pre-nursing

where the mount is taking sydni

villanova accelerated bachelor of science in nursing program

“the mount has provided me with the connections and opportunities to further my academic career and to pursue my dream in nursing.”

Courtney Varley

courtney varley, c'20

hometown: fallston, maryland
major: elementary and special education

where the mount is taking courtney

national evangelization teams (net) missionary

“the mount taught me how to be a good teacher, a good friend and a good christian.”

Jack Vukelich

jack vukelich, c'20

hometown: towson, maryland
Majors: General Business & Philosophy

where the mount is taking jack

Supply Chain Analyst at McCormick & Company

“i will continue to implement the skills i learned at the mount: to think about a situation from all angles, to challenge something i believe to be incorrect and to balance work, life and faith.”

keeping the passion years later...

mount graduates are passionate and dedicated to their areas of study and extracurricular involvement. many graduates found their dream job right away or had an internship to get their foot in the door and then quickly moved up in their company in the first few years. meet some of our recent alumni who paved their way from mount to career.


chandler bankos, c'19

hometown: york, pennsylvania
major: cybersecurity

where the mount is taking chandler

information system security professional with the u.s. government

“i will take the core values the mount instilled upon me, the lessons i’ve learned along the way, and the way the members of the mount community cared for me when i was going through tough times and use that to change the lives of others to truly make a meaningful difference in society.”


katelyn comeau, c'19

hometown: baltimore, maryland
major: biochemistry

where the mount is taking katelyn

research associate i in the ginty lab at harvard medical school

“the incredible staff and faculty here have absolutely equipped me to enter the field of science. everyone here is so open to talking about new and interesting topics in science, which helped fuel my interest in scientific research and guide me toward obtaining my job at harvard medical school where i will work for a year before applying to graduate programs.”


lea findley, c'18

hometown: prince george's county, maryland
major: forensic accounting

where the mount is taking lea

financial institution specialist with the federal deposit insurance corporation (fdic)

“majoring in forensic accounting not only gave me the investigative skills i need in the workforce, but also sharpened my oral communication skills. and i can analyze financial statements for potential fraud knowing i have the appropriate skills from the mount.”

as you follow your vision at the mount, you can almost feel the sense of achievement and inspiration left behind by the notable mountaineers who have come before you. they’ve set the bar pretty high, but we will give you all the tools and support you need to add your name to the list of accomplished mountaineers.

among the distinguished alumni of the mount:

  • first female african-american resident in the neurosurgery program at johns hopkins university school of medicine
  • a nine-term u.s. congressman.
  • three-time emmy award-winning supervising producer of saturday night live.
  • the ceos of hershey entertainment corp. and michael kors.
  • the president of the nba’s washington wizards and the wnba’s washington mystics.
  • the vp of marketing for the baltimore ravens.
  • kenya’s ambassador to the united nations.
  • The Controller of the White House Office of Management & Budget.

our alumni have also gone on to continue their education as graduate students at yale, unc, upenn, rensselaer polytechnic institute, university of chicago, and catholic university; and they’ve expanded their impact through volunteer opportunities like teach for america and jesuit volunteer corps.

wherever you go, you’ll always be a part of the mount through our alumni network. today, our chapters allow 23,000 mountaineers to maintain that lifelong connection in all 50 states, d.c., puerto rico, the virgin islands, and more than 30 countries.