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center for student diversity

center for student diversity mission

the mission of the center for student diversity (csd) is to meet the needs of underrepresented and historically marginalized students by providing support, advocacy, guidance, and training services for the greater mount community. we develop students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are more culturally aware and accepting of others who may be different from themselves to produce a socially justice minded environment for all.

the center for student diversity is a model for diversity education and multicultural student success, and fosters a climate within the campus community which recognizes the value that multicultural diversity brings to the total educational experience.

our goals

  • develop and coordinate programs and services to support the retention, progression and graduation of minority/underrepresented students.
  • offer students from diverse populations a welcoming environment and connections to campus resources.
  • deliver training and resources to address discrimination, bias, misconceptions, and stereotypes.
  • collaborate with faculty, other student service units, and recognized student organizations to provide programming specific to cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • produce programs and activities intended to raise multicultural awareness and appreciation of diversity across the campus, and to increase the cultural competence.

leon dixon
assistant dean, director of center for student diversity
email leon dixon

Clubs & Organizations

the center for student diversity is dedicated to enabling personal growth of mount st. mary's intercultural students through a variety of clubs and organizations. the following organizations are available on campus to support our diverse student population:

african student association

the purpose of the african student association is to educate the mount community on african culture, issues, and accomplishments while enriching the diversity on campus. to provide an environment rich with cultural experiences for african students and make available this cultural experience for the mount community.

we are friends of africa and africans coming together to celebrate and raise awareness on africa’s diversity and heritage. the african student association is an organization geared towards bringing light to the issues that africa faces by not only stating the problems but also trying to solve them. as an organization we strive to unify the mount community. we promote awareness through dance, music, social events, discussion forums, and community service.

email the african student association

asian culture club (acc)

the asian culture club seeks to promote the unity, culture, and heritage of asian students which participates in the wider efforts to encourage and promote multicultural awareness. the purpose of the asian culture is to learn about and engage with a multitude of asian cultures in a social, open, and friendly environment. the asian culture club serves as a liaison between cultures to help foster community within the mount.

email the acc

the black student union (bsu)

the black student union is in effect to realize the purpose to educate its members in multiple aspects of the black community, to help acclimate black students into the wider student body of the mount to provide a locale where issues and concerns of the black community can be discussed in open conversational dialogue amongst students in order to discover solutions for community development, to provide a networking system, and promote group unity amongst its members.

email bsu

caribbean culture club (tri-c)

the purpose of caribbean culture club to promote awareness and unity about the caribbean culture to the mount community through programming and social outings.

email tri-c

p.e.a.c.e. leaders

the peer educators and advocates for campus equality, or popularly known as p.e.a.c.e., leaders is an experiential program is a premiere leadership group that puts students in front of their peers to serve as ethical role models and facilitators of conversations about diversity and inclusion.

learn more about p.e.a.c.e leaders

student organization of latinos (sol)

the primary purpose of the sol is to celebrate and promote an awareness of latin american culture on campus.

email sol

the voice

the voice is a student run organization who strives to unify the voices of those who have been marginalized and ostracized at the mount and advocate for the equal treatment and inclusiveness of all identitities through whatever means necessary.

email the voice

call us at 301-447-5474 or email the csd office.