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getting involved is easy with over 70+ student societies, clubs and registered student organizations (rsos) that fall in a broad range of interests—pick an area of interest and see what speaks to you, don’t see one you like? start your own.

choose a category

choose a category to see all clubs and registered student organizations (rsos) in that grouping, or scroll down the page to see the whole list.

new clubs and organizations

want to start your own group but not sure where to begin? read through the registered student organizations manual to find out how to get started.


accounting club

advisor: professor john sherwin, cpa

the mount st. mary’s university accounting club seeks to promote a better understanding of the accounting profession and to provide career growth through networking opportunities with potential employers and other students with similar career objectives.

american chemical society

advisor: garth patterson, ph.d.

acs student chapters are organizations for undergraduate science majors with interest in chemistry. members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers, ranging from campus and community outreach, department service, and research presentations and professional development at national acs meetings.

association for women in mathematics

association of computing machinery

advisor: scott weiss

the mount has a student chapter of the association for computing machinery, the premier international organization for computer science professionals. the chapter features biweekly student-run workshops such as tutoring and resume building. the chapter runs online weekly computer science brain teasers and technical how-to presentations to help improve our member's technical skills. the chapter also works on raspberry pi projects to help our members learn how to code.

blockchain club

advisor: athar rafiq

created by mount students in the blockchain space who are interested in educating our community, providing opportunities for students, and hosting events related to blockchain and innovative technology. we established this organization with the intention to change perspective regarding the crypto/blockchain space. it is our goal to implement various decentralized-finance products within our daily/weekly practices to further showcase the boundless potential crypto currencies and blockchain services provide.

criminal justice student association

advisor: joseph vince

cyber defense club

advisor:athar rafiq

the cyber defense club is a student run club designed to advocate for an innovative, fast-paced environment that promotes learning, and a shared knowledge of cybersecurity and the fields corresponding with it. in addition to promoting these ideals the club provides members with the opportunity to get involved with and exposed to the field, all while improving their cyber awareness and expertise. members of the cyber defense club attend cyber related events, conferences and competitions; and even host an event of their own where teams compete against each other to test their skills and abilities within a controlled environment.

who can join?

the cyber defense club welcomes any student who is willing to have fun and enjoy themselves to join, regardless of their chosen major. the club aims to help every member become "cyber-aware," and teaches them about hot cyber topics so they can build their knowledge and prepare for the rapidly developing technological environment.

education club

advisor: carolyn cook, ph.d.

the mission statement is: to learn from peers and faculty, to promote the school of education, to provide programs that are inclusive and welcoming, and to serve the mount and global communities.

some of our activities include:

  • education movie discussion
  • reading at the mall with frederick county reading council
  • inviting local authors to campus
  • hosting an alums educators’ panel
  • collecting coins for girls school in cameroon
  • host a halloween children’s event for mount families

finance club

advisor: donald butt

the finance club aims to improve student financial literacy by sponsoring guest speakers and presentations that focus on topics related to:

  • budgeting income and expenses and cash flow management after graduation.
  • understanding responsible credit card and other debt management.
  • understanding retirement and other fringe benefit selections offered by an employer.
  • understanding investment basics including investing in stock and bonds.
  • understanding student loans and the repayment responsibilities.
  • understanding basic income tax preparation and savings opportunities.
  • supporting volunteer activities benefiting student scholarships through the annual goodloe byron memorial 10 mile run.

the student investment panel

student members provide common stock and debt investment and buy and sell recommendations to university leadership. this activity is in support of the management of the msmu board of trustees student investment fund. students prepare quantitative and qualitative evaluations of investments currently held and proposed to be purchased by the fund. the panel invites and receives presentations from guest speakers that provide presentations related to investment related research and evaluation.

french club- le cercle francais

advisor: marco roman, ph.d.

this organization aims to stimulate interest in the french language and the cultures where french is spoken among the members of the mount st. mary's community.

marketing club

advisor: mary beth graham

pre-health professions club

advisor: patricia kreke, ph.d.

the pre-health professions club exists to offer support and guidance to students seeking a career in the medical field. they aim to facilitate strong mentor relationships with current professionals in the medical field, increase campus awareness of current health issues, and help prepare for a future in professional schools and medical careers. this club has successfully hosted be the match, a bone-marrow registry on campus, which provides an opportunity for students to be put on a universal list of bone marrow donors.

psychology club

advisor: tbd

the psychology club is for students who enjoy and appreciate psychology. the members of the psychology club organize events such as movie discussions, psychology article discussions, book clubs, and service for the local community. the club is open to all majors.

sociology club

advisor: virginia mcgovern, ph.d.

the sociology club works on social justice issues around campus and around the surrounding area. projects include bringing speakers to campus, collecting items for women’s shelters, bringing attention to domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and child abuse. the club also sponsored a grad school event for students wishing to further their education.


the sparc festival is a yearly academic celebration that highlights some of the best work of students at the mount. a long-standing tradition, sparc provides students the opportunity of presenting their work in disciplinary-conference format. participation in sparc is often the culmination of months of academic preparations including literature review, primary research, and written reporting, all under the mentoring guidance of faculty and other subject matter experts.

sport management club

advisor: corinne farneti, ph.d.

the sport management club was founded in 2009 in order to give students more direct contact with and exposure to the field of sports management. the club aims to promote student learning, professional development, community service, and academic comradeship for students engaged in the study of sport management at mount st. mary’s university.

our goals include

  • to develop and increase our knowledge of the sport industry
  • to inform and discuss new ventures and practices, as well as news from within the sport industry
  • to create a learning experience for mount st. mary’s university students who are interested in the sport industry
  • to create networking and educational field trip opportunities for members
  • to successfully host sponsored events
  • to create community service opportunities in keeping with the mount st. mary’s university mission

who can join?

the group is open to sport management majors and minors, as well as any student interested in the sport industry.

what does the club do?

the sport management club gives students hands-on experience with planning and implementing a school-wide sporting event – the school of business spring games and picnic. members gain experience running a sporting event, from the initial planning, marketing, and sponsorship to the execution and evaluation of the event. also, club members have opportunities to go on facility tours and meet individuals currently working in the sport industry. joining the sport management club is a great way to get to experience working in and learning about the sport industry outside of the classroom.

women in business

advisor: christina yoder, ph.d.

the purpose of the women in business organization is to:

  • provide a space for women majoring in business to connect in a community dedicated to helping one another succeed so they realize their full academic potential.
  • provide opportunities for women majoring in business to explore their vocation as they reflect on their passions and talents.
  • empower women of all backgrounds to become competent business professionals and ethical leaders in today’s ever-changing world.
  • offer women majoring in business additional leadership experiences and professional development opportunities, such as workshops, networking, mentorship, and social events to encourage both professional and personal growth.
  • contribute to the strategic plan of mount st. mary’s university through a focus on diversity and inclusion in business as it relates to gender.

women in stem

advisor: abigail kula, ph.d.

wstem provides opportunities to support undergraduate women in science and mathematics while they find faith in themselves through their vocation in science and the values instilled in them at mount st. mary's university. an emphasis is placed on providing mentorship: students are paired with working professionals as well as peer to peer mentorship, both of which demonstrate proven effectiveness in promoting success for women pursuing scientific careers. the group hosts events throughout the year to support career development, academic success and community. activities include invited speakers and networking opportunities, social events, study groups and community outreach activities.

women in stem mentoring program

advisor: abigail kula, ph.d.

the women in stem mentoring program involves mount women in a three-tiered mentoring platform. women apply to the program and then each participant is paired with a professional in her field of interest. mentors and students meet at a dinner with a speaker event in september and then continue correspondence monthly during the academic year. topics covered include fine-tuning the resume, developing an online professional networking page and preparing for the job search. mount women then work with teens at local schools or with other teen-centered organizations, providing mentorship in science and mathematics.

academic honor societies

alpha kappa delta

advisor: dr. kim hansen

alpha kappa delta is the international honor society for sociology. every year akd has an induction ceremony and invites a prominent sociologist to give a campus-wide address. this year, 2018, we inducted 10 new members and brought dr. joseph a. soares to campus to speak about how the sat and act standardized tests are biased against women and minorities. past speakers have included michael kimmel, kathryn edin, and george ritzer!

alpha mu gamma

moderator: dr. susann samples

the national collegiate foreign language honor society for students who do outstanding work in the field of language; it encourages interest in the study of languages and foreign cultures and promotes international understanding.

alpha phi sigma

advisor: dr. virginia mcgovern

criminal justice honor society.

beta beta beta (tri-beta)

faculty advisor: dr. katy dye

a national honor and professional society for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in the biological sciences; it is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

delta mu delta

the national honor society in business administration is offered to those students with junior level status who have attained a grade point average of 3.25 or higher and who rank within the top 20 percent of their class of majors in business, accounting, economics, and sport management.

gamma sigma epsilon

advisor: dr. danny miles

gamma sigma epsilon is a national chemistry honor society, founded at davidson college in 1919. the purpose of this honor society, as said by one of its founders, is to "unite those college students with a high scholastic grade in chemistry in order to foster a more comprehensive and cooperative study of that great branch of science and its immediately allied studies."in fall 2017, several members attended the 47th biennial gse convention held at niagara university in new york.”

honors society

advisor: dr. sarah scott

the honors society is the student led co-curricular portion of the honors program. the society encourages scholastic excellence and nurtures an atmosphere of collegiality among the students and honors faculty through a series of socials, study groups, discussion dinners, lectures, and field trips. the society also collaborates with other honors societies on campus.

pi delta phi

moderator: dr. marco roman

the national french honor society honors students for excellence in the study of the language and general academic achievement.

pi lambda theta

contact: patrick ryan, ph.d.

plt’s mission is to honor the accomplishments of exemplary educators and support the continuing development of knowledge and skills aimed at providing leadership for colleagues and enhanced learning for students.

pi mu epsilon

advisor: dr. frederick portier

pi mu epsilon is the national mathematics honor society. we are the maryland eta chapter and were approved as a chapter in 2005. we had to apply and prove we had a mathematics program that met their high standards.

phi alpha theta


phi alpha theta is an american honors society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. the society is a charter member of the association of college honors societies and has over 350,000 members and grows by 9,500 new members each year through 860 chapters.

each spring, students are invited by the mount's history department to join the society. to qualify, students must have a 3.1 gpa in at least 12 credit hours of history and an overall gpa of 3.0. students do not have to be a history major or minor for membership.

over 25 scholarships and prizes are awarded annually (doctoral and graduate student scholarships, undergraduate scholarships, paper prizes, book awards, manuscript awards, best chapter awards, student history journal awards, world history award, etc.) by the national organization of phi alpha theta.learn more about the national chapter of phi alpha theta.

psi chi

advisor: dr. angy kallarackal

psi chi is the international psychology honor society whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. students who are psychology majors or minors in the top 35% of their class are eligible to join. membership is by invitation only.

benefits of membership:

  • recognition for academic excellence that can be noted on resumes and applications
  • enjoy lifetime membership (with one-time joining fee of $60)
  • gain access to $400,000 in awards and grants
  • develop leadership skills
  • network and present research at regional and national conferences
  • opportunity to publish in psi chi journal of psychological research or eye on psi chi like recent alum.
  • meets one of the requirements for entrance at the gs-7 level in numerous professional and technical occupations in the us government

learn more information at //

sigma alpha pi

advisors: director of the institute for leadership, ethics, achievement and development dana larkin sauers, and vice president for equity and success paula whetsel-ribeau, ph.d.

sigma alpha pi or the national society of leadership and success, sigma alpha pi, sponsored by the institute for leadership, ethics, achievement and development (ilead) enhances the leadership of our students starting with second-semester first-year students, offering a broad range of opportunities for leadership development and achievement.

in addition, society membership includes on-going benefits for a one-time dues fee:

  • Scholarships & awards
  • job bank
  • speaker broadcasts
  • success networking team
  • success coaches
  • broadcast archive
  • professional communication training
  • social events
  • leadership collection
  • motivational mondays
  • monthly newsletters
  • custom recommendations
  • graduation honor cords
  • leadership training certification
  • resume enhancement
  • leadership opportunities on the executive board
presidential members achieving a 3.3 gpa receive presidential seal and nationwide networking. a qualifying gpa is required.

sigma delta pi

moderator: dr. diana rodriguez-lozano

delta sigma pi develops principled business leaders for the future by providing a lifetime of opportunity for our members.

in order to qualify for membership students must meet the following:
  1. must have completed at least three years, or the equivalent, of college spanish, including at least three semester hours of a course in hispanic literature at the 300-400 level (course must be completed successfully).
  2. grades in all spanish courses must average at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  3. students must have a cgpa of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0
  4. students must show genuine interest in things hispanic and be of good moral character.

upsilon pi epsilon

advisor: scott weiss

international honor society for the computing and information disciplines. at the mount, we induct students in who are studying computer science, cybersecurity, information systems, or data science (minor).

political / governing

student government association

the sga is a parliamentary based body comprised of students elected by popular vote. we provide a strong and accurate representation of the student voice at our university. we work with faculty, staff and administration to actively encourage student interests, provide student organizational support and enhance the experience of handling leadership. Learn more >

amnesty international

advisor: dr. kristen urban

amnesty international is a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights.

discourse international

advisor: michael towle

discourse society is a club for all students who want to voice their views about concerns of the present. weekly meetings involve club members discussing and (or) debating about current domestic and international issues, or even broader topics that have been argued for decades. the setting of these meetings will be calm and patient, where only one person may speak at a time in a collected tone. such organization will make sure there are no loud, interruptive arguments. each member will be able to voice their perspective on the topic. at the end of a meeting, the whole group will vote on a new interesting topic that will be discussed at next week’s meeting.

mount conservative club

advisor: lawrence hoffman

the purpose of the organization is to educate and promote the ideals of political conservatism and the candidates who represent them in any current elections. members will have the opportunity to learn about candidates in local, state and federal elections. this organization will educate members on conservative positions and the candidates who represent them while promoting the celebration of freedom.


best buds club

advisor: ian van anden

we are a student organization that strives to integrate those with and without developmental disabilities. we are partnered with the l'arche community in frederick, maryland to form relationships between mount students and those with disabilities.


advisor: ian van anden

relay for life

advisor: ian van anden


african student association

advisor: center for student diversity

the purpose of the african student association is to educate the mount community on african culture, issues, and accomplishments while enriching the diversity on campus. to provide an environment rich with cultural experiences for african students and make available this cultural experience for the mount community. we are friends of africa and africans coming together to celebrate and raise awareness on africa’s diversity and heritage. the african student association is an organization geared towards bringing light to the issues that africa faces by not only stating the problems but also trying to solve them. as an organization, we strive to unify the mount community. we promote awareness through dance, music, social events, discussion forums, and community service.

contact: email the african student association

asian culture club (acc)

advisor: center for student diversity

the asian culture club seeks to promote the unity, culture, and heritage of asian students which participates in the wider efforts to encourage and promote multicultural awareness. the purpose of the asian culture is to learn about and engage with a multitude of asian cultures in a social, open, and friendly environment. the asian culture club serves as a liaison between cultures to help foster community within the mount.

the black student union (bsu)

advisor: center for student diversity

the black student union is in effect to realize the purpose to educate its members in multiple aspects of the black community, to help acclimate black students into the wider student body of the mount to provide a locale where issues and concerns of the black community can be discussed in open conversational dialogue amongst students in order to discover solutions for community development, to provide a networking system, and promote group unity amongst its members.

caribbean culture club (tri-c)

advisor: center for student diversity

the purpose of caribbean culture club to promote awareness and unity about the caribbean culture to the mount community through programming and social outings. 


p.e.a.c.e. leaders

advisor: center for student diversity

the peer educators and advocates for campus equality (p.e.a.c.e.) strive to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment by offering programs that educate and enlighten the mount community on identity, power and oppression, and cultural difference. the leaders host monthly courageous conversations, serve on university-wide diversity and inclusion boards, and are the center’s premiere leadership group. Learn More >

student organization of latinos (sol)

advisor: center for student diversity

the primary purpose of the sol is to celebrate and promote an awareness of latin american culture on campus.


the v.o.i.c.e.

the v.o.i.c.e. is a student-run organization who strives to unify the voices of those who have been marginalized and ostracized at the mount and advocate for the equal treatment and inclusiveness of all identities through whatever means necessary.


mount students for life

contact: campus ministry – anne marie hallinan

this group sponsors spiritual and educational activities to promote respect for the gift of human life from conception to natural death. they organize the university’s participation in the annual march for life in washington, d. c., volunteer at pregnancy centers, and sponsor educational opportunities to respect life at all stages.

knights of columbus

contact: campus ministrybrendan johnson

a men's organization that focuses on serving god, the catholic church, and nation.

marian prayer group

contact: campus ministrybrendan johnson

inspired by st. maximilian kolbe, these students and seminarians grow in their knowledge and love of their faith through devotion to mary. the group meets regularly for spiritual talks, formation, and prayer.

kairos retreat leaders

contact: campus ministry – anne marie hallinan

the Mount offers ten overnight or weekend retreats so students can grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord. Student retreat leaders plan, coordinate and lead our successful retreats. Retreats include Mountward Bound, Men's & Women's Kairos Retreats, Outdoor Retreat, Senior Retreat, Spring service, Leadership Retreat and High School Retreats.

interdenominational ministry

contact: dr. dwayne brown

brings students of various christian denominations together for opportunities of faith, worship, and fellowship. this ministry leads bible studies and provides opportunities for a weekly worship service

focus (fellowship of catholic university students)

contact: campus ministry – claire whitehead

focus, one of the fastest growing ministries on college campuses, specializes in leading small group bible studies and peer-to-peer mentoring. students grow in their relationship with jesus christ and his church, and responding to the call of the "new evangelization." contact: campus ministry – claire whitehead

rcia (rite of christian initiation adults)

contact: campus ministry

available for students who are interested in learning more about becoming catholic or who have not received their first holy communion or confirmation. formation sessions are led by campus ministry staff, seminarians, and student leaders.

men’s challenge

contact: brendan johnson

men’s group meets weekly for prayer, sacrifice, and fraternity to support fellow men on campus

women’s fellowship

contact: brendan johnson

women’s group with regular events to build community and authentic femininity among the women of the campus



contact: jon hager

the activity management program (amp) is our student-led leadership program that coordinates and puts on more than 150 events each year. live bands, comedians, trapeze school, snow tubing, casino nights, talent shows, battle of the bands, magicians, movies, trips to amusement parks—you name it, amp makes it happen! Learn More >

chapel choir

contact: laura hullett

provides music for the sundays and all major liturgies on campus.

journal of moral theology

contact: kathy criasia

journal of moral theology is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication focused on catholic moral theology. it is concerned with contemporary issues as well as out deeply rooted tradition of inquiry about the moral life. we seek to publish articles in the field of moral theology, as well as theological treatments of related topics in philosophy, economics, political philosophy, and psychology. journal of moral theology is published semiannually, with january and july issues. Learn More >

lab band

contact: mark carlson

the lab bands are a collective of instrumentalists interested in popular music styles. the group forms different combos over the course of semester depending on the project and repertoire being studied. previous concerts have involved an annual fat tuesday/ mardi gras revue, themed programs such as punk, 90s styles, and avant-garde music. previous performance experience is essential. instruments can be provided if necessary. wind instrumentalists must play in the wind ensemble in order to be eligible for membership in the lab bands. contact dr. mark carlson for more information.

lighted corners

advisor: tom bligh

lighted corners is an annual literary magazine devoted to art, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and photography by students at mount st. mary's university. Learn more >


contact: moorings

moorings are the mount’s humanities journal that gives students the opportunity to be published as a writer and/or artist, or to be a peer editor for this scholarly journal. students can submit works from their english, history, communications, music, art and theater classes for a chance to win cash prizes, and then a team of student editors read, evaluate, and edit their peers' essays to determine what makes the journal in the blind selection process. the most outstanding piece of student artwork becomes the front cover for the year. moorings are published near the end of the spring semester with a premier during sparc week.

mount chorale

contact: andrew rosenfeld

every year, students representing every discipline of the university audition for the opportunity to sing with the mount chorale, which performs a wide variety of sacred and secular repertoire. the choir performs at least one major concert per semester at its “home” venue, the national shrine of saint elizabeth ann seton, as well as numerous other events on and off campus throughout the year. the chorale has collaborated regularly with such ensembles as the maryland symphony orchestra, hub opera ensemble, frederick symphony orchestra, dagilelis boys choir of lithuania, gettysburg schola cantorum, and gettysburg chamber orchestra. singers in the chorale can earn up to two academic credits per semester. membership is open by audition to all students, regardless of major.

the mountain echo student newspaper

contact: pratibha kumar

the mountain echo is a completely student-run newspaper for mount st. mary's university. our staff is comprised of students from all majors, years and backgrounds.Check out the Mountain Echo website >

Mount Poets & Writers Club

contact: jack dudley

pep band

do you play an instrument? love and support your athletic teams? know how to have fun and jam out? we want you!

why join the mount pep band?

  • support the mount’s athletic teams
  • great seats at ncaa division i athletic events
  • get some on-screen tv time
  • play your instrument at the university level
  • meet awesome new friends
  • take a break from classes and have fun!

for more information please complete the pep band interest form, or contact director of the athletic pep band joseph scott.

pitch please: a capella group

contact: andrew rosenfeld

pitch, please – a student-led a cappella ensemble, performing arrangements and original vocal jazz, pop, and show tunes. membership is open by audition to members of the mount st. mary’s university chorale.

string ensemble

contact: james tung

the mount st. mary’s university string ensemble performs classical repertoire under the direction of professor james tung. previous performance experience is expected. instruments can be provided if necessary.

tolle lege

contact: thane naberhaus

tolle legeis a student journal of theology and philosophy published annually, at the end of the fall semester. essays written by any student of the university on any topic in theology or philosophy are considered for publication, though preference is given to undergraduates. Learn More >

wind ensemble

contact: mark carlson

the wind ensemble engages a broad variety of music encompassing standard wind ensemble repertoire, transcriptions, big band jazz, and avant-garde chamber works. in addition to traditional concert venues, the group performs in a wide range of settings, including an annual fat tuesday/mardi gras revue, an outdoor may day concert, and other special programming with the department of visual and performing arts. previous performance experience is essential for participation. the ensemble is available to students of all majors up to 2 credits. instruments can be provided if necessary. please contact dr. carlson to setup an audition.

wmtb 89.9 fm radio

contact: professor randy gray

wmtb-radio-logo.jpg"high on the mountain, low on the dial"

wmtb 89.9 fm is a nonprofit radio station located at mount st. mary's university in emmitsburg, md. a great variety of music and shows emanate from wmtb—everything from classical and jazz, to rap and rock can be heard.shows are created and hosted by students and faculty and normally run in two hour increments.
audio streamed by the broadwave streaming audio server or by tune in radio.

special interest

anime club

contact: marco roman

ballroom dance club

brewing club

contact: garth patterson

the brewing club is dedicated to creating and studying craft beer while supporting responsible consumption.

coffee brewing club

contact: garth patterson

the coffee club offers students interested in coffee the ability to learn about roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee. students learn about the science of growing, extraction, and flavor development.

environmental club

contact: david wehner

the environmental club is for students who enjoy being outdoors, want to help the environment, and also want to be active members of the mount community. the members of the environmental club organize events such as hikes at cunningham falls, tree walks on campus, and earth week activities such as having the catoctin zoo visit the campus. the environmental club also takes pride in the mount recycling program, fundraising to help save the rainforests, and raising awareness about our impact on and how we can change our lifestyles to improve the environment. the club provides a fun and educational way for students to give back to the community and most importantly the environment.

league of legends

contact: justin matchulat

outdoor adventures

contact: chris duffy

you didn't come to the mount just to keep doing the things you've always done, right? take a step outside your comfort zone and try something new with outdoor adventures! you'll make new friends, see beautiful places, and quite possibly find a side of yourself you didn't know was there! Learn More >

pokemon club

contact: jonathon slezak

the mount pokemon club is a place for mount students to discuss, battle, and enjoy the pokemon franchise. the club meets regularly to watch the anime/movies, battle using any of the games and the browser battle simulator "pokemon showdown", or just hang out and discuss the series. additionally, for members who play the mobile game, "pokemon go", we meet daily to battle and raid bosses and gyms as well as trade. we desire to foster an environment of fraternity and support for the mount community by uniting students who share a passion, whether casually or seriously, for the pokemon franchise.

student veterans association (sva)

contact: paul hunter

the student veterans association is a campus organization dedicated to supporting people who have served our great nation. we aim to build a network that will better enable veterans to access the mount and local community services. we promote an environment that fosters leadership, encourages teamwork and cultivates support, and it is our desire is to develop an interactive community committed to these goals. the association is governed by the student veterans association constitution (.pdf). you do not have to be a veteran to be a part of this organization. all in the mount community are welcome to join and support veterans. if you would like to participate, please contact paul hunter or dr. tim wolfe.

event management

business olympics

contact: corinne farneti

every spring, the sport management club coordinates the business olympics, an afternoon picnic for students and faculty that includes a team competition of physical and mental challenges. prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

comap competition

contact: dr. heinold

the comap competition is the world’s largest math modeling competition, with thousands of teams from around the world participating. the department of mathematics and computer science fields a couple of teams each year. historically, our students have done well in the competition with several meritorious and outstanding winner designations.

csi challenge

contact: joseph vince

federal reserve challenge

contact: emil berendt

mount st. mary’s university participates in the federal reserve challenge program, which is an intercollegiate competition sponsored by the federal reserve system.

lecture series

contact: fred portier, ph.d.

the maa mathematical association of america (maa) and the association for computing machinery (acm) lecture series are hour-long talks by visiting speakers usually on their research.

mount math madness problem of the week

contact: jonelle hook, ph.d.

each spring the department of mathematics and computer science run a campus-wide competition full of mathematical puzzlers for several weeks, culminating in a bracket showdown.

pi day

contact: dr. hook

pi day is run each year on march 14 by students in our local chapter of maa (mathematical association of america)

programming competition

each year the department of mathematics and computer science runs a programming competition open to all cs students.


contact: dr. heinold

smalltalk is the department of mathematics and computer science colloquium, with 30-minute talks by students and faculty. recent talks include:

  • the birthday problem
  • go is gone
  • before you download chrome
  • a dime a dozen…al
  • engineering and robotics
  • how to reach the front page
  • the $96 million dollar pizza
  • the most influential game hack