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student honor statement

the mount st. mary's university student honor statement was written by students and adopted by the student government association in the spring of 2011. the honor statement contributes to the total university experience, including the entire student body. the document is publicly displayed in the knott academic center.


students of mount st. mary’s university must strive to live the mission of the university, embodied in the four pillars, in all endeavors. in doing so, students assume the obligation of upholding the honor statement of mount st. mary’s university as a testament to honesty and integrity. the purpose of the statement is to promote a positive educational experience and to give the members of the community a sense of self-accomplishment.

honor statement

to exemplify the four pillars and to foster an environment of mutual respect students must strive to uphold the following expectations:

  • maintain a faith in the highest standards of integrity, respecting the dignity of other persons and their work, as well as one’s own.

  • contribute to a discovery of truth by completing original pieces of academic work.

  • exemplify leadership in the academic environment by striving to meet ideals of honesty and integrity.

  • encourage one another as members of a community of scholars to pursue honesty not only in academic endeavors but in all aspects of university life.