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students talking in Patriot Hall

student government association (sga)

"we, the students of mount st. mary’s university, emmitsburg, maryland, in order to enhance the ideals of mount st. mary’s university and to provide a structure in which to work, have set forth the following constitution. the purpose of this constitution is to foster the recognition of the students as the body of this catholic academic institution. we, the student government association, exist to represent the traditional undergraduate student body and to act as a link between the administration and the students. we are committed to the formation of open and honest dialogue and to providing and promoting a sense of community, faith, and discovery through active leadership within the university community. we aim to empower students and provide them with a vehicle for the expression of ideas through the shared governance of mount st. mary’s university."– student government association constitution

location: lower mcgowan
please contact the sga officers any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have.

contact us
leadership 4 executive officers
advocates 17 student representatives
community 1 student body

what is sga?

the sga is a parliamentary based body comprised of students elected by popular vote. we provide a strong and accurate representation of the student voice at our university. we work with faculty, staff and administration to actively encourage student interests, provide student organizational support and enhance the experience of handling leadership.

  • meet the executive officers

    the student government association (sga) of mount st. mary's university is comprised of four executive officers and 17 representatives who dedicate their complete time and interest in advocating for student needs.

  • get the sga constitution (.pdf)
  • msmu honor statement

    we as students assume the obligation of upholding the honor statement of mount st. mary’s university as a testament to honesty and integrity.

  • clubs and organizations

    sga has role in funding, sponsoring and approving a variety of student-run clubs and organizations.